It all started when the zips and eyelets of my beach bag corroded over time due to the salt water. Although it actually looked sturdy, I quickly realised that the quality was not up to my expectations. In my disappointment, I started to think about what the ideal beach and sailing bag could look like.

As my husband Luigi Seri is a passionate sailor and professional boat builder with access to many high-quality materials, I rummaged around in his yard until I found a shelf of second-hand sails. Despite the many hours in the blazing Mediterranean sun and the countless gusts of wind the sail had already been exposed to, I immediately felt the robustness of the fabric. So the idea developed to recycle the sail and create a durable bag.

After the first prototype was presented to my family, friends and acquaintances, I felt that this project could be a complete success. With this positive response began the production of other bags in parallel with the optimization of functionality, quality, and design.

The result after meanwhile six years are different models, which are a super companion in every everyday situation besides the visit to the beach. Happy bag owners can already be found in Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and the USA.

The name "le malins" is derived from the name of the sailboat of our family and means in Swedish "the clever" or "faithful and reliable" matching the leitmotif of the bags of "le malins".

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